PHOTOGRAPHY - Photography of this and that. It is from the Nature and City - Landscapes and Portraits.

TRAVELS - from small travels to big travels - Trips to here and there.

ART & CRAFTS - paintings & drawings - knitting and other kind of craft ware.

DIGITAL GRAPHIC & Art - digital ART are made from photographs, psp-tubes and vectors.

WEB SITES & BLOGS - graphics plus tutorials to these are also a thing to do. Making web sites and blogs is a pations as well as the above.



About Me

MC Inspirations

A retirement means freedom in my Dictionary
Paint Shop Pro & Photoshop are programs to make your dream comes through. I am happy to say I love those two programs as you see on this place as well as other galleries of mine.

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The year of 2013 was the year where I got my freedom. Freedom to write when I feel for it. Freedom to make photographs when I have the chance to it.Freedom to travel when I liked to it. A freedom that means a lot at least for me. I also am able to develope the spirituallity as I feel I need. The former life has been colourful in any aspects and the experiences many. I am not done yet as my curiousity is still not fulfulled. There are still many skills to get, still many places to visit. Still a lot of exploring to do, especially in my own country in all area is one thing I really love to do. Getting to know people from all over the world continues. There is an article from an interview made a few years ago.